In our Interactive Development class we were required to pick a type of project and a brand to redesign.

You can view the Final site here:


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In Typography class we had to create a poster for Toronto that uses a modular grid with multiple layers that add depth. Untitled-9

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In Typography class we had to make a booklet about anything we want. I decided to make it about song lyrics, so i can play around with the text.  I tried to make the book flow together by making the colors relating to the next page
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Another week, another 3DS Max project is here. For this project we had to either animate a crane or an arm picking up an object and putting it somewhere else. I was thinking of doing some sort of robotic arm and it reminded of the movie Terminator 2. I thought it would be really cool so I used a  picture of the robotic arm from the movie as a reference.

Modeling the arm wasn’t too difficult, it’s made up of mostly cylinders circles and rectangles. The finger joints were done by making a flat circle and adding a bevel modifier. The finger parts were made up of rectangles and circles and combining them with the Boolean add tool.

Linking all the parts was a little tricky. A robotic arm has a lot of moving parts so I wanted a part in the back arm to move while its moving up and down. I decided to just animate this manually, giving me better control.

Another difficult part was getting the teapot to move with the hand. I did this by linking to the world then the hand once it touches it. But once i wanted the hand to put the teapot down, it wouldn’t link back to the world. I decided to just make a copy of the teapot and and hide it until i want it to show on screen and hide the one that’s still in the hand.

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I just started learning how to use 3DS Max. It was really intimidating at first but once you understand the interface layout, it begins to make sense. For the first project in 3ds Max, objective was to make a 3d animation of a sports logo. Constructing the logo was just like making it in Adobe Illustrator. Construct it by layers. start from the layers in the back ground to the parts that our in the foreground. In this case, start from making the white silhouette. Then start creating the details inside that make up the logo.

Once everything is drawn out, everything needs to be grouped before making it 3 dimensional. Group them according to the same layer and colour. Once its all organized, you can select the groups and start adding a bevel modifier.

I had some trouble using the bevel modifier for some of the objects. 3ds Max starts to have trouble adding bevel when there are a lot of sharp corners in the object. I had to lower the bevel height and starting outline to fix this problem.


The colours were added by using the material editor. specular and glosiness levels were raised to give it a shiny look.

Animating the logo was a little tricky. Since I wanted to keep the animation less than 8 seconds, looks a little rushed. I animated it by making all the pieces of the logo separated and forming and the nails slamming against the logo, displacing it a little.

I’ll post the video of the animation later after I make some final touches.


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So during the summer my friend wanted me to make some new business cards for him.

Since he’s a photographer I figured his main goal is to show his work to people.  I decided that his business card should mainly be his photography work presented. I just came up with a nice type and layout to use for the card and let his photography work stand out. I also thought that having them in a variety of different photos would be a cool idea, making them feel sort of like trading cards. “Gotta collect em’ all!”

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Still have a couple more projects to post this semester. Our final project for design class was to create a poster and a CD sleeve for a a musical band. We were allowed to use assets from our previous projects and our objective was to create effective aesthetics that matches the band’s musical style.

I decided to choose a band that I started listening to again called Grizzly Bear.

I find their music to have a lot of jazz and experimental influences. I also looked into the bands previous artwork for albums and their current website, which involves a lot of contemporary art.

For the poster I used a previous project that involved creating a collage using forms of scraps:

I manipulated the collage by adding a filter in Photoshop and and editing the colors. The white areas stood out too much so i darkened them and other areas that just didn’t fit in with the overall result. For the type at the bottom, i laid out swatches from the PAN-TONES CMYK libraries so i get the most accurate result when printed. I ended with two different versions, one that still looks like a collage and another that is more abstract.

For the CD booklet, i wanted to keep the overall look and made sure everything unified together.

Front and back:


The type that is inside the booklet are lyrics and from the previous project we did but they are actually not from the band. I just wanted to get the overall look if placed.



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Responsive-showcase-presentation3One of our assignments in our class was to choose a website of our choice and recreate it in Photoshop and later Redesign it. The website i chose was RollingStones. It wasn’t difficult to recreate it in Photoshop as the site is pretty simple, the only thing that was annoying is finding the correct font that matches with the site and creating the stripped pattern around the borders.


The current site looks old fashioned and has a news paper type of style. I also don’t really like the 3 column layout. I decided to emphasize more on the featured article content and added more images for the news. I find that adding images usually makes it more appealing and attractive to the viewer. For the look I kept it simple and modern.





We were also required to design a mobile version of the site. I looked around and mobile sites are often simple and contains only the most popular and necessary options and navigation for the viewer

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Boring Sunday afternoon, decided to try to do a vectored portrait. I tried doing this before, but it wasn’t turning out right, but the key is to just stick with it because it will eventually shape into something recognizable as you add more.


This is what I got so far. The eyes need a lot of fixing.

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Before the Break is over, i wanted to learn some flash before going back to class. I wanted to learn something that can be applied to websites, like menu navigation, roll overs, scrolling images. I decided to use the Cloud Age Photo design template to use as a test. For that site, my idea for the images was to scroll from right to left and to be able to control it with your mouse.

I found a nice tutorial video on Youtube about making scrolling image bar in Adobe Flash:

I followed to this tutorial closely but had to make adjustments to the code that was used to create the mouse over control because the one in the video didn’t work with Flash CS5. I also  made changes to the variables so it fits with what i wanted. I added comments to the code to explain what each line of coding does below:

So what this code does is when the mouse is located near the right edge of the image bar the scrolling will go faster, when it’s located near the left side the scrolling will go backwards and faster motion, and when it’s located around the middle the scrolling will stop.

I uploaded the .swf file to the web for viewing. Click Here!

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