DMA 188

Battlefield 3 Video Game Review 

  • Developer: EA Digital Illusions CE
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Platforms: PS3, 360, PC
  • Genre: First Person Shooter
  • ESRB Rating: M (Mature, 17+, Blood,Gore, Strong Language)
  • Release Date: October 25th, 2011

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Defining my Social Media Profile

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Principal #1: Structure

The organization of the the interface. The organization of the interface should have a purpose. For example links that may be popular or important to the user should be organized in a way that is clear and one of the first things they see. Content that is related should be together and content that is not should be separate. Also similar things should share the same and consistent look with with each other, while differentiating content that isn’t similar.


#1 Group Things Effectively:

#2 Consistency:

#3 Navigation between major user interface items is important:

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For our interactivity class we were given the assignment to record every time we interact with an object that responds. After doing this for for a few days, i found a little shocking and disturbing at how much of the day I sit in front of the computer. It also shows how routinely my day is. My days mostly consists of waking up, work/school, email,web browsing, chatting.. It also made me realize how radio and cable television is slowly becoming obsolete and how audio podcasts, streaming platforms like netflix is taking over. It’s a little scary how almost everything can be done using the computer, limiting my interaction with the outside world

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Technology is advancing infinitely through time since the time when electricity was first invented. The way we interact with technology is constantly evolving into something remarkably unknown. People have been fantasizing the way we interact with things such as the way we control an interface. Movies are always visualizing the potential of technology in the unknown future. For example the film Minority Report is a common example that people bring up when they imagine the potential enhancements that we interact with a UI interface. Many dreamed of dragging and droppings files with a simple swipe with their hand. Today, we are getting closer or perhaps already there to that vision. Throughout the time that I’ve lived technology and the way we interact is dramatically different from the day I was born to the present day. We are constantly rethinking and inventing in the way we interact and use technology.
When the computer was getting popular, making its way to most homes it was a breakthrough in technological enhancement. As years went it was being constantly improved, making it faster, easier to use, and adding more functions. To the present day the computer is used for nearly everything. With internet accelerating to greater speeds we are able to send endless amounts of data in a short time. Paper mail is fading out as emails becoming the more reliable and infinitely faster choice of communication. Bills are now sent through email, banking, and shopping. I currently do all my bills online and almost never feel the need to send paper mail. I also noticed that the television is getting less use as we are able to stream videos and watch millions of video uploaded be people from different parts of the world. Communicating with other parts of the world is no longer difficult, we are now easily able to stay in touch with family in different countries by being able to chat and use webcams through the never ending web.

The way we interact in videogames has also changed. Gaming consoles no longer have only one function to play games, they are now considered to be called entertainment systems because now people can browse the web, watch movies, listen to music, and communicate with friends. The way I play games with others have also changed. Inviting your friends to your house to play video games is no longer the optimal choice when we can simply send a message and invite them to the game. The way I purchase games or even music and movies has changed. The market is slowly becoming digital. Today we can purchase and download our games, music and movies at the comfort in our own home. We all do this by the simple touch from our fingers instead of driving to the nearest store.
Social networking has also greatly changed the way we communicate. Texting, instant messenger plays a big part of mine and others lives. Facebook and twitter made staying in touch with old friends easy. Even the way we interact with advertisements use these social mediums. I rarely use the phone to call my friends, I rather send a text message them. The way we gather and store information has also evolved. Smart Phones now are like mini computers. Powerful enough to take pictures, browse the web, email, and media entertainment. Myself and others no longer carry digital cameras, agendas, music players, etc because we can do all this on a single device.
The interactions with what we do with our devices and the things that they are capable of doing are amazing and a little frightening. We are constantly interacting and glued to the screens of our devices we carry. I spend nearly the whole day sitting in front of a screen, checking my emails, chatting to friends, reading news and so on. We are living in a world slowly turning digital. It’s hard to imagine what the world will be like in the future at rate of change we are going. 
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