Scrolling image bar in flash

Before the Break is over, i wanted to learn some flash before going back to class. I wanted to learn something that can be applied to websites, like menu navigation, roll overs, scrolling images. I decided to use the Cloud Age Photo design template to use as a test. For that site, my idea for the images was to scroll from right to left and to be able to control it with your mouse.

I found a nice tutorial video on Youtube about making scrolling image bar in Adobe Flash:

I followed to this tutorial closely but had to make adjustments to the code that was used to create the mouse over control because the one in the video didn’t work with Flash CS5. I also  made changes to the variables so it fits with what i wanted. I added comments to the code to explain what each line of coding does below:

So what this code does is when the mouse is located near the right edge of the image bar the scrolling will go faster, when it’s located near the left side the scrolling will go backwards and faster motion, and when it’s located around the middle the scrolling will stop.

I uploaded the .swf file to the web for viewing. Click Here!