RollingStones Site Redesign

Responsive-showcase-presentation3One of our assignments in our class was to choose a website of our choice and recreate it in Photoshop and later Redesign it. The website i chose was RollingStones. It wasn’t difficult to recreate it in Photoshop as the site is pretty simple, the only thing that was annoying is finding the correct font that matches with the site and creating the stripped pattern around the borders.


The current site looks old fashioned and has a news paper type of style. I also don’t really like the 3 column layout. I decided to emphasize more on the featured article content and added more images for the news. I find that adding images usually makes it more appealing and attractive to the viewer. For the look I kept it simple and modern.





We were also required to design a mobile version of the site. I looked around and mobile sites are often simple and contains only the most popular and necessary options and navigation for the viewer