Band posters and CD sleeves

Still have a couple more projects to post this semester. Our final project for design class was to create a poster and a CD sleeve for a a musical band. We were allowed to use assets from our previous projects and our objective was to create effective aesthetics that matches the band’s musical style.

I decided to choose a band that I started listening to again called Grizzly Bear.

I find their music to have a lot of jazz and experimental influences. I also looked into the bands previous artwork for albums and their current website, which involves a lot of contemporary art.

For the poster I used a previous project that involved creating a collage using forms of scraps:

I manipulated the collage by adding a filter in Photoshop and and editing the colors. The white areas stood out too much so i darkened them and other areas that just didn’t fit in with the overall result. For the type at the bottom, i laid out swatches from the PAN-TONES CMYK libraries so i get the most accurate result when printed. I ended with two different versions, one that still looks like a collage and another that is more abstract.

For the CD booklet, i wanted to keep the overall look and made sure everything unified together.

Front and back:


The type that is inside the booklet are lyrics and from the previous project we did but they are actually not from the band. I just wanted to get the overall look if placed.