3D Logo Animation

I just started learning how to use 3DS Max. It was really intimidating at first but once you understand the interface layout, it begins to make sense. For the first project in 3ds Max, objective was to make a 3d animation of a sports logo. Constructing the logo was just like making it in Adobe Illustrator. Construct it by layers. start from the layers in the back ground to the parts that our in the foreground. In this case, start from making the white silhouette. Then start creating the details inside that make up the logo.

Once everything is drawn out, everything needs to be grouped before making it 3 dimensional. Group them according to the same layer and colour. Once its all organized, you can select the groups and start adding a bevel modifier.

I had some trouble using the bevel modifier for some of the objects. 3ds Max starts to have trouble adding bevel when there are a lot of sharp corners in the object. I had to lower the bevel height and starting outline to fix this problem.


The colours were added by using the material editor. specular and glosiness levels were raised to give it a shiny look.

Animating the logo was a little tricky. Since I wanted to keep the animation less than 8 seconds, looks a little rushed. I animated it by making all the pieces of the logo separated and forming and the nails slamming against the logo, displacing it a little.

I’ll post the video of the animation later after I make some final touches.