3D Arm Animation

Another week, another 3DS Max project is here. For this project we had to either animate a crane or an arm picking up an object and putting it somewhere else. I was thinking of doing some sort of robotic arm and it reminded of the movie Terminator 2. I thought it would be really cool so I used a  picture of the robotic arm from the movie as a reference.

Modeling the arm wasn’t too difficult, it’s made up of mostly cylinders circles and rectangles. The finger joints were done by making a flat circle and adding a bevel modifier. The finger parts were made up of rectangles and circles and combining them with the Boolean add tool.

Linking all the parts was a little tricky. A robotic arm has a lot of moving parts so I wanted a part in the back arm to move while its moving up and down. I decided to just animate this manually, giving me better control.

Another difficult part was getting the teapot to move with the hand. I did this by linking to the world then the hand once it touches it. But once i wanted the hand to put the teapot down, it wouldn’t link back to the world. I decided to just make a copy of the teapot and and hide it until i want it to show on screen and hide the one that’s still in the hand.