Flash is Dead?

So, I’ll be reading articles about the topic “is flash dead?” every week. I will keep adding to this post, so Keep checking in for updates.

WEEK 01 

I’ve been reading a few articles about whether Flash is dead and so far things are looking a little bleak. When Apple announced that their new iphone was no longer supporting flash, it came as a shock to many people. Flash played a huge role online was will part in a lot of current websites. However as mobile devices are getting extremely popular, performance and battery life is important on their precious super smart phones. This is one of the reasons why Steve Jobs announced that their device is no longer supporting flash. One of the main arguments in why flash is dying is because its a battery drain and a performance hindrance, but a large part of websites still implement flash in their sites, mainly web players.

As time went on websites are slowly moving to HTML5, video players still use flash but now most sites are able to switch to a html5 player when browsed on a mobile device. It seems that flash is dead as now Android based devices are also no longer supporting flash. Adobe has stated that they are still supporting flash and bring ways to bring to HTML5 but is yet to make any significant strides.  I still think flash is a great tool and is capable of doing things that HTML5 can’t replace. but it is hard to imagine it being still relevant in a world where mobile devices have become a integral part of people’s lives.

Some Articles on the matter:





UPDATE 01 : WEEK 02 

A more hopeful article I read today. It states that flash is still running strong in gaming. Flash is still mainly used to make online games and even popular social networking sites like Facebook run flash for their games. I also makes a good point that Flash was never had a life on mobile devices, so if it never lived on mobile devices how can it be dead? It all depends on the audience you are catering to, let’s say if you are developing a site for online gaming, almost 100% of their audience uses flash.

The article: http://www.nbilyk.com/blog/1/80/flash-dead



Well, I found a site dedicated in getting a point across. Basically it’s saying Flash may be less relevant but it is no way near dead. There’s many advantages in using flash. When compared to Flash, HTML is missing many features that flash supports  such as graphical UIs, motion tweens, shiny UI effects, and audio and video control. Many of these elements, if native to HTML, could enhance good web design when used appropriately. Until recently, it was simply impossible to embed or control audio or video in HTML without relying on a plugin of some sort.  HTML has implemented some controls but Flash still excels at the field.

The site: http://isflashdeadyet.com/ 



An interesting article about corporation and the competitions between them. The one thing i found interesting is that the web is open and their is no single vendor. We still have multiple different browsers to use and based on different platforms. Without the competition we wouldn’t see as much drive to revolutionize the way things are handled.




Found a more recent article, the article before was posted in 2010 so the information is outdated. This one was posted this month. Unfortunately this article states that Flash is slowly dying but will still be around for a long time.




Some more bad news for Flash. I found a statement made by adobe saying that they are now focusing more on HTML5. It seems that they will still be supporting flash in gaming and video players but they will no longer support browsers working on MOBILE devices. Again, this only means that flash is dead on mobile devices.




Another more recent article. Another article stating that flash may be dead on mobile but is still well alive in the desktop world. Also gave an interseting point that apple wouldnt want to support a platform outside their app ecosystem. “Enabling and interactive platform they can’t profit from in their App Store is not on their agenda even if it does give consumers a choice what they consume and how. A choice outside the Apple Ecosystem is not one they apparently will support.”  HTML5 is no substitute for the level of animation that Flash brings and is still not capable of all Flash has accomplished as a media delivery platform.




Here’s a list of all the games that is using flash. Flash is being used for some of the most popular games being distributed on iOS, android, and facebook. It really shows that flash may be dead on mobile browsers but is still running strong in gaming.