Wine Label Project

We are approaching the end of our program and are final project is to design a Wine label. The title of our wine company is suppose to be called AMD Vineyards. Since our designs are suppose to incorporate the use of the HYPE Framework in Flash, I started looking for art assets I can use. The HYPE Framework is a tool of coding that is used in flash to generate artwork. After using it for awhile, I see how it can be used effectively to use it to randomly generated art that you can never do yourself. While using it it gave me some really interested designs and ideas i can incorporate.

The Approach

I started by using a image of graffiti to trace in illustrator and prepping it to be used in Flash. After tracing it, I realized it would be much easier to use in flash when I simplify it and make it only one layer. 67096vector-01

After tracing it, I found an interesting shape and thought it look good as a logo. I decided to go with the left one in the image below. The logo resembled a tree and the branching out looked like a V and Y, representing Vineyards.

logo-01 I started using the assets I made in HYPE Framework to start generating some random stuff.


For the label, I wanted it to look modern so I used League Gothic and Helvetica Thin Condensed for the Brand name and sub headings. For the Origin and year I used the font Georgia.


After getting the copy ready, started inserting the artwork in and made several different variations.Wine-bottle-mock-up-blue-01

I tried making the artwork go beyond the label but I thought it didn’t look as nice.


The Challenge

The challenge of doing this is getting assets ready for HYPE and implementing the assets into them. It was difficult getting something to look nice using coding. Often times, I would run into errors or it just wouldn’t work. Another problem I ran into is capturing the art in high res pngs. I followed the tutorial video, but i just kept running into problems.


Using HYPE Framework to generate an interesting composition and capturing it in high res pngs.



After playing around with the coding I finally got something that looked interesting. I found that the assets i was using worked better if it only had one layer.  For capturing a PNG, i found out that captureImage works instead of using capturePNG.

Here’s all the variations I made: