Audio Analyzer in HYPE

Well, back to playing around with the Sound analyzer in HYPE. This time i wanted to use something that was loud and with a lot of bass. I decided to use a song from Daft Punk since they have been all the rage lately because of their upcoming album.

The Approach 

I decided to use a collage effect and break up a image, and all the parts will be scaled according to the music. I used this image: 200620

It is basically taking the color scheme from the image and then for every pixel, it draws a circle with that color of the pixel. The scale and opacity changes according the octave of the music.

Low sound volume 

Higher sound volume


Max sound volume


The Challenge

Coming up with a composition that looks nice using the sound analyzer in HYPE. I had to figure out how to implement the sound analyzer with the collage generator. I also had performance issues. Since i was working with a large image it required a lot of performance to generate a graphic for every pixel and the less i used, the less it looked nice.

The Goal 

Generate a composition that changes according to the sound of music


I made the image smaller and also found a balance between number of graphics being generated versus the performance. I also made another one, that uses half the image but double the amount of graphics being generated.


You can test it out your self here:  – Half but higher density 

Might take long to load due to the size of sound file 

Also uploaded a video of it: