We are approaching the end of our program and are final project is to design a Wine label. The title of our wine company is suppose to be called AMD Vineyards. Since our designs are suppose to incorporate the use of the HYPE Framework in Flash, I started looking for art assets I can use. The HYPE Framework is a tool of coding that is used in flash to generate artwork. After using it for awhile, I see how it can be used effectively to use it to randomly generated art that you can never do yourself. While using it it gave me some really interested designs and ideas i can incorporate.

The Approach

I started by using a image of graffiti to trace in illustrator and prepping it to be used in Flash. After tracing it, I realized it would be much easier to use in flash when I simplify it and make it only one layer. 67096vector-01

After tracing it, I found an interesting shape and thought it look good as a logo. I decided to go with the left one in the image below. The logo resembled a tree and the branching out looked like a V and Y, representing Vineyards.

logo-01 I started using the assets I made in HYPE Framework to start generating some random stuff.


For the label, I wanted it to look modern so I used League Gothic and Helvetica Thin Condensed for the Brand name and sub headings. For the Origin and year I used the font Georgia.


After getting the copy ready, started inserting the artwork in and made several different variations.Wine-bottle-mock-up-blue-01

I tried making the artwork go beyond the label but I thought it didn’t look as nice.


The Challenge

The challenge of doing this is getting assets ready for HYPE and implementing the assets into them. It was difficult getting something to look nice using coding. Often times, I would run into errors or it just wouldn’t work. Another problem I ran into is capturing the art in high res pngs. I followed the tutorial video, but i just kept running into problems.


Using HYPE Framework to generate an interesting composition and capturing it in high res pngs.



After playing around with the coding I finally got something that looked interesting. I found that the assets i was using worked better if it only had one layer.  For capturing a PNG, i found out that captureImage works instead of using capturePNG.

Here’s all the variations I made:


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In our Interactive Development class we were required to pick a type of project and a brand to redesign.

You can view the Final site here:


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In Typography class we had to create a poster for Toronto that uses a modular grid with multiple layers that add depth. Untitled-9

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Well, back to playing around with the Sound analyzer in HYPE. This time i wanted to use something that was loud and with a lot of bass. I decided to use a song from Daft Punk since they have been all the rage lately because of their upcoming album.

The Approach 

I decided to use a collage effect and break up a image, and all the parts will be scaled according to the music. I used this image: 200620

It is basically taking the color scheme from the image and then for every pixel, it draws a circle with that color of the pixel. The scale and opacity changes according the octave of the music.

Low sound volume 

Higher sound volume


Max sound volume


The Challenge

Coming up with a composition that looks nice using the sound analyzer in HYPE. I had to figure out how to implement the sound analyzer with the collage generator. I also had performance issues. Since i was working with a large image it required a lot of performance to generate a graphic for every pixel and the less i used, the less it looked nice.

The Goal 

Generate a composition that changes according to the sound of music


I made the image smaller and also found a balance between number of graphics being generated versus the performance. I also made another one, that uses half the image but double the amount of graphics being generated.


You can test it out your self here:  – Half but higher density 

Might take long to load due to the size of sound file 

Also uploaded a video of it:

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PRINT book

In Typography class we had to make a booklet about anything we want. I decided to make it about song lyrics, so i can play around with the text.  I tried to make the book flow together by making the colors relating to the next page
PRINT book2
PRINT book3 PRINT book4 PRINT book5 PRINT book6 PRINT book7 PRINT book9

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Hype Framework is an interesting tool to use in flash. I started playing around with the sound analyzer. I basically took the theme music and font from the movie Terminator. The color scheme is also from the the movie that always looks very cold with tones blues. The text appearing changes according to the music. It’s basically scaling the size according to the octave level of the music.

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So, I’ll be reading articles about the topic “is flash dead?” every week. I will keep adding to this post, so Keep checking in for updates.

WEEK 01 

I’ve been reading a few articles about whether Flash is dead and so far things are looking a little bleak. When Apple announced that their new iphone was no longer supporting flash, it came as a shock to many people. Flash played a huge role online was will part in a lot of current websites. However as mobile devices are getting extremely popular, performance and battery life is important on their precious super smart phones. This is one of the reasons why Steve Jobs announced that their device is no longer supporting flash. One of the main arguments in why flash is dying is because its a battery drain and a performance hindrance, but a large part of websites still implement flash in their sites, mainly web players.

As time went on websites are slowly moving to HTML5, video players still use flash but now most sites are able to switch to a html5 player when browsed on a mobile device. It seems that flash is dead as now Android based devices are also no longer supporting flash. Adobe has stated that they are still supporting flash and bring ways to bring to HTML5 but is yet to make any significant strides.  I still think flash is a great tool and is capable of doing things that HTML5 can’t replace. but it is hard to imagine it being still relevant in a world where mobile devices have become a integral part of people’s lives.

Some Articles on the matter:


UPDATE 01 : WEEK 02 

A more hopeful article I read today. It states that flash is still running strong in gaming. Flash is still mainly used to make online games and even popular social networking sites like Facebook run flash for their games. I also makes a good point that Flash was never had a life on mobile devices, so if it never lived on mobile devices how can it be dead? It all depends on the audience you are catering to, let’s say if you are developing a site for online gaming, almost 100% of their audience uses flash.

The article:



Well, I found a site dedicated in getting a point across. Basically it’s saying Flash may be less relevant but it is no way near dead. There’s many advantages in using flash. When compared to Flash, HTML is missing many features that flash supports  such as graphical UIs, motion tweens, shiny UI effects, and audio and video control. Many of these elements, if native to HTML, could enhance good web design when used appropriately. Until recently, it was simply impossible to embed or control audio or video in HTML without relying on a plugin of some sort.  HTML has implemented some controls but Flash still excels at the field.

The site: 



An interesting article about corporation and the competitions between them. The one thing i found interesting is that the web is open and their is no single vendor. We still have multiple different browsers to use and based on different platforms. Without the competition we wouldn’t see as much drive to revolutionize the way things are handled.



Found a more recent article, the article before was posted in 2010 so the information is outdated. This one was posted this month. Unfortunately this article states that Flash is slowly dying but will still be around for a long time.



Some more bad news for Flash. I found a statement made by adobe saying that they are now focusing more on HTML5. It seems that they will still be supporting flash in gaming and video players but they will no longer support browsers working on MOBILE devices. Again, this only means that flash is dead on mobile devices.



Another more recent article. Another article stating that flash may be dead on mobile but is still well alive in the desktop world. Also gave an interseting point that apple wouldnt want to support a platform outside their app ecosystem. “Enabling and interactive platform they can’t profit from in their App Store is not on their agenda even if it does give consumers a choice what they consume and how. A choice outside the Apple Ecosystem is not one they apparently will support.”  HTML5 is no substitute for the level of animation that Flash brings and is still not capable of all Flash has accomplished as a media delivery platform.



Here’s a list of all the games that is using flash. Flash is being used for some of the most popular games being distributed on iOS, android, and facebook. It really shows that flash may be dead on mobile browsers but is still running strong in gaming.


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Another week, another 3DS Max project is here. For this project we had to either animate a crane or an arm picking up an object and putting it somewhere else. I was thinking of doing some sort of robotic arm and it reminded of the movie Terminator 2. I thought it would be really cool so I used a  picture of the robotic arm from the movie as a reference.

Modeling the arm wasn’t too difficult, it’s made up of mostly cylinders circles and rectangles. The finger joints were done by making a flat circle and adding a bevel modifier. The finger parts were made up of rectangles and circles and combining them with the Boolean add tool.

Linking all the parts was a little tricky. A robotic arm has a lot of moving parts so I wanted a part in the back arm to move while its moving up and down. I decided to just animate this manually, giving me better control.

Another difficult part was getting the teapot to move with the hand. I did this by linking to the world then the hand once it touches it. But once i wanted the hand to put the teapot down, it wouldn’t link back to the world. I decided to just make a copy of the teapot and and hide it until i want it to show on screen and hide the one that’s still in the hand.

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I just started learning how to use 3DS Max. It was really intimidating at first but once you understand the interface layout, it begins to make sense. For the first project in 3ds Max, objective was to make a 3d animation of a sports logo. Constructing the logo was just like making it in Adobe Illustrator. Construct it by layers. start from the layers in the back ground to the parts that our in the foreground. In this case, start from making the white silhouette. Then start creating the details inside that make up the logo.

Once everything is drawn out, everything needs to be grouped before making it 3 dimensional. Group them according to the same layer and colour. Once its all organized, you can select the groups and start adding a bevel modifier.

I had some trouble using the bevel modifier for some of the objects. 3ds Max starts to have trouble adding bevel when there are a lot of sharp corners in the object. I had to lower the bevel height and starting outline to fix this problem.


The colours were added by using the material editor. specular and glosiness levels were raised to give it a shiny look.

Animating the logo was a little tricky. Since I wanted to keep the animation less than 8 seconds, looks a little rushed. I animated it by making all the pieces of the logo separated and forming and the nails slamming against the logo, displacing it a little.

I’ll post the video of the animation later after I make some final touches.


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So during the summer my friend wanted me to make some new business cards for him.

Since he’s a photographer I figured his main goal is to show his work to people.  I decided that his business card should mainly be his photography work presented. I just came up with a nice type and layout to use for the card and let his photography work stand out. I also thought that having them in a variety of different photos would be a cool idea, making them feel sort of like trading cards. “Gotta collect em’ all!”

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